Finding the perfect pair of underwear can be a hassle.

But we've got you covered.

Baldrick Benjamin underwear and swim wear is the perfect blend of luxury, design, and fashion -- with just the right amount of sex appeal. Built to accentuate and celebrate the male form in style and comfort.


What are you waiting for?


“Some of the most comfortable fabric and waistbands I have ever worn!"

Robert, NY

"I'll be honest - trunks are by far my least favorite type of underwear. So when I say 'I don't hate these,' that's actually high praise coming from me! They do ride up a bit in the crotch area, but not as badly as other brands I've tried. They ride up a bit in the butt crack as well, but not to an uncomfortable degree. I think it's kind of cute actually. The fabric is crazy soft, thin 96/4 modal/spandex blend. Feels great against the skin and definitely shows some VPL. This has one of the best pouches I've seen in a trunk. It keeps everything lifted and separated from the legs. If you're a trunk person, definitely check out Baldrick Benjamin."

"I wouldn't let my boyfriend out of the house wearing his grey sweats! The underwear pouch looked way too good on him!"

Moe, NY

"My partner loved the Jock on me so much he bought me two more for my birthday."

Brad, MD

"My girlfriend loves the Modal material on my Trunks so much that she sometimes steals them to wear around the house."

John, FL

"The thongs feel like you're barely wearing anything and they have just the right amount of G-string for someone who doesn't have the best a**."



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